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Tsubaki PSC Power Screw

Tsubaki PSC Power Screw has a special feature that no other conveyor has.

Tsubaki PSC Power Screw

1.Main Features

  1. Stable performance as a screw conveyor with a single motor and the centre distance more than a few dozen meters.
  2. No jam, due to no bearings at intermediate casing and the opposite side of drive, saves maintenance cost.
  3. PSC Power screw has conveying capacity as three times as screw conveyor with axis at the same speed.
  4. Easy and speedy replacement of a liner.
  5. Possible to convey materials hard to handle, such as adhesive materials and materials easily entwined, in case material size is within screw interval pitch.
  6. Horizontal and vertical layouts
  7. Compact and possible to be used in confined space.
  8. Sanitary and safe environment as no smell or leakage
  9. No adhesion or residue, due to scrape by screw motion

2.Standard Models

PSC100 (screw diameter : 120mm) - PSC400: 5 sizes


0.2m3 (PSC100 S=5r/min) - 41.9m3 (PSC400 S=20r/min.).