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Tsubaki DCC Drag Chain Conveyor

Tsubaki DCC Drag Chain Conveyor is suitable for handling adherant and abrasive materials.

This DCC drag chain has 4 times longer operation life than bushed roller chain.

Tsubaki DCC Drag Chain Conveyor picture

1. Main Features

  1. Drag chain is made of forged special alloy steel
  2. Improved wear registance, due to case-hardening
  3. Easy maintenance and replacement, due to simple chain parts
  4. Maintenance costs are reduced, as the drag chain has longer life than the bushed roller chain

2. Standard models

DCC300 (Single) - DCC012 (Double): 4 sizes

3. Capacity

15m3/h (DCC300 S=5m/min.) - 280m3/h (DCC012 S=10m/min.)