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InfrastructureProducts for electric power generation

Tsubaki products are playing active roles in the field of renewable energy, such as wave power, hydroelectric power, wind power, biomass energy, and solar power.

Wave power generation

For a project by Ministry of the Environment*, Tsubaki products were integrated in a wave power generating unit installed by Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd.

*Technology development/verification projects for CO2 emission reduction, and for a compact and high-efficiency wave power generating system (in fiscal 2013 to 2015)

Wave power generation

Cable Carriers picture

Pin gear drive units picture

Cable Carriers

Cable carriers are used to protect power generator cables tossed by the waves. We have a variety of experience in applications for general industrial machinery.

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Roller chain couplings are used for where a large allowable torque is required, and Echt-Flex® Couplings are used for where no lubrication is required.

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Pin Gear Drive Units

Large Pin Gear Drive Units that can transmit large torques are used to transmit wave power to power generators. In addition, Tsubaki's advanced rust resistant series is used due to the highly corrosive nature of the operating environment.

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Wind power generation

Wind power generation 風車 Illustration

Echt-Flex® Couplings

Echt-Flex Couplings are used to connect motors with power generators/overdrives. A lightweight CFRP spacer type is also available.

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What is CFRP?

CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) is a composite material made of carbon fiber and plastic. This material is lightweight while providing the same strength as steel, and provides superb corrosion resistance.

Francis turbine

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Power Cylinders

Power Cylinders with a proven track record are used to adjust the guide vane of Francis turbines.

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LiniPower® Jack

LiniPower Jacks with a proven track record are used to adjust the angle of the runner vanes.

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Biomass energy generation

Conveyor for receiving hopper

受け入れホッパ Illustration

WD Series Drag Chain

Tsubaki's unique and simple drag chain structure can provide strength and corrosion resistance where needed. Furthermore, special sprockets are also available.

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Fuel conveyance/wood chip collection/chain feeder

Fuel conveyance/wood chip collection/chain feeder Illustration

Large Size Conveyor Chain

We offer optimal specifications to suit your usage conditions. These chains can also replace competitor chains.

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Shock Relay® and Shock Monitor

Shock Relays and Shock Monitors can quickly detect overloads by monitoring current/power of motors, which prevents accidents.

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NFV Flightveyor

NFV Flightveyor has flights fixed to chains running in a sealed casing. Materials can be steadily conveyed according to the principal of flow conveyors in horizontal areas, and of bucket elevators in vertical areas.

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Ash conveyor/Flightveyor

灰搬送コンベヤ Illustration
灰搬送コンベヤ Illustration

Large Size Conveyor Chain

Large Size Conveyor Chains enable an overall cost reduction thanks to longer chain life achieved by corrosion resistance, optimal clearance, etc.

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Large Size Conveyor Chain Sprockets

The replaceable tooth/split types can be replaced without having to remove the shaft. This can dramatically reduce replacement labors and costs.

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Bucket elevator/Flow/Flightveyor

Bucket elevator Illustration
Flow picture
Flightveyor Illustration

NBK Bucket Elevator (designed for palm kernel shell conveyance)

NBK Bucket Elevator is a belt bucket elevator designed for palm kernel shell conveyance, and features a compact design that can convey a large amount of material.

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LC Flow

LC Flow is a conveyor that prevents material from caught up in the conveyor, and the space savings necessary for woody biomass conveyance.

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Cam Clutches

Cam Clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation of bucket elevators and enable complete dust prevention and high reliability thanks to their special design.

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One-Touch Inspection Door®

In our Safety Series you'll find doors with screens (roller latch type/bolt latch type), T-Guard (screens can be attached later with no welding needed), and MTO products (key types).

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