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Tsubaki BLF Flightveyor

Tsubaki BLF Flightveyor is a belt type flightveyor, which has both advantages of belt type (high‐speed capability) and flight type (space efficiency) systems.

Suitable for small lumps, adhesive and abrasive materials as well as general powder or granular materials.

Tsubaki BLF Flightveyor

1. Main Features

  1. Compact and economical
  2. Less operating power required
  3. Reliable operation
  4. Suitable for clean conveyance
  5. Wide range of materials to handle

2. Standard models

BLF400 (width of the belt: 400mm) - BLF750: 5 sizes

3. Capacity

50m3/h (BLF400 S=60m/min.) - 370m3/h (BLF750 S=100m/min.)