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Tsubaki WB Rubber Star

Tsubaki WB Rubber Star is a bucket-type conveyor, which uses rubber block chain with a steel cord inside and unique structured buckets.
Buckets are connected to each other with flexible straps.
As Injection moulded buckets are used, there are hardly any gaps between buckets.

Tsubaki WB Rubber Star

1.Main Features

1. Quiet and smooth operation

2. From delicate to rough materials conveyed

3. Steel cord has long life, as covered with rubber block

4. Minimised leakage due to unique structure of buckets

5. From small to large capacity

2.Standard Models

WB130 (bucket width : 130mm) - WB640 5 sizes


5m3/h(WB130 S=30m/min.) - 88m3/h(WB640 S=36m/min.).