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Tsubaki BFV Flightveyor

Tsubaki BFV Flightveyor handles strong abrasive materials, such as ash and silica sand.

This conveyor is very effective in handling abrasive materials, as it has the functions of a flight conveyor and a bucket elevator.

Tsubaki BFV Flightveyor

1. Main Features

  1. Long life of casings
  2. Less operating power required
  3. High effectiveness and efficiency
  4. No leakage from the casing
  5. Possible to install multiple inlets and outlets

2. Standard models

BFV200 (inner width of the casing: 200mm) - BFV600: 4 sizes

3. Capacity

1.6m3/h (BFV200 S=5m/min.) - 8.6m3/h (BFV600 S=5m/min.)