Long-Term Vision (Published June 2021)

Toward a Corporate Group That Contributes to Resolving Social Issues

The Tsubaki Group formulated Long-Term Vision 2030 with FY 2030 as its target.
This is a document that envisions the society of ten years in the future and lays out “what we want to be” through backcasting, as well as the three major social issues that we must take on in order to achieve that.

Long-Term Vision 2030

What is Linked Automation technology?

The Tsubaki Group will establish the technological domain of Linked Automation by proactively introducing cutting-edge technologies that contribute to high functionality and high automation and combining them with our unique core technologies (winding transfer technology, optimizing technology, and mass production technology). By doing so, we aim to become a corporate group that contributes to solving the issues that go beyond the needs of our customers and affect society as a whole.

Next-generation businesses responding to the three major social issues

1. Creating a people-friendly society

  • Human Assist

  • Maintenance

2. Building a safe and secure infrastructure for living

  • Agriculture Business

  • Life Science

3. Creating an Earth-friendly society

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Mobility

Long-Term Vision 2030 roadmap

The Tsubaki Group will strengthen its core technologies and seek out next-generation, new technologies through open innovation while developing its technological domains to encompass Linked Automation technology. These endeavors will allow us to aim to become a corporate group that can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of people, society, and the planet by expanding into next-generation businesses.
Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, which is our plan to accomplish that, establishes the period up to 2025 as the “period for sowing seeds for new growth,” and during this time we will strive to create next-generation businesses.

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Long-Term Vision 2030 and Mid-Term Plan 2025 Presentation

Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.