Our challenge as we enter our next 100 years:
Three New Business Areas

Tsubakimoto Chain was founded in 1917. One of its main businesses, the mobility business, aims to contribute to solving social issues, including the global environment, though "new products that support the future of mobility". In addition to producing timing chain and transfer case chain, we will take on the challenge of entering three new lines of business.

Global Network

Drivetrain Contributing to Society and
to Clean Energy

To support societal mobility goals such as lowering CO2 emissions and reducing energy loss, we will contribute to society and the environment by creating products that enable next generation drivetrains to be more efficient, lighter weight and smaller in size.


  • Timing Chain System

    We have spent over half a century developing, designing, and producing our timing chain systems which contribute to engine performance improvements. These efficient, durable timing drive systems are supplied to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
    As the global market share leader, we use state-of-the-art technology to satisfy market and customer demands.

  • Enedrive® Chain

    The Enedrive® Chain series achieves high-speed rotation, high torque transmission, and a high gear reduction ratio.
    It is an indispensable part of creating a highly efficient and versatile system, which is lighter, quieter and more cost-effective than current systems.

  • Vehicle One-Way Clutch

    Optimizes overall system output by efficiently transmitting output from multiple drive sources.
    We offer various clutch types such as Selectable (electronically controlled), Mechanical, Internal Bearing type, etc.

Personal Mobility Comfort for All

We will contribute to the diverse mobility needs of our society, firstly via providing one-way clutches that are used in e-bikes and offer compact drive units that can be used in various micro mobility solutions.


  • E-Bike Clutch

    A one-way clutch that switches to and from motor assistance.
    This clutch contributes to drive unit efficiency, light weight, small size, and improved drivability.

  • Motorcycle Clutch

    A one-way clutch that switches to and from self starter motor and crank shaft during engine start.
    An important part that needs to be high in quality and durability to support driver safety.

Comfort System The Creation of
a Comfortable Mobility Space

Due to changes in lifestyle and automated driving, etc., we are seeing diversification in the use of in-car space.
We will deliver comfort to all mobility users through flexible seat arrangement and seamless opening and closing of doors. (Just removed "Workstyle".


  • Zip Chain Actuator®

    A “Zip Chain” is a unique product, independently developed by Tsubaki where two chains mesh together to form a rigid pillar shape.
    This makes the chain compact and easy to package, contributing to the creation of a unique mobility space.

  • Cableveyor®

    Contributing to in-car comfort and safety through smooth, reliable operation of power sliding doors and power seats, etc.
    Tsubaki will provide all mobility users with enhanced comfort and convenience.

  • V2X bi-directional EV charging systems eLINK

    “eLINK” V2X bidirectional charging that connects an EV’s large capacity battery to buildings and the power network.
    Normally V2X plays a coordinating role for power supply and demand, such as assisting in load balancing the power grid, but it can be used as a reserve power source in times of emergency.

Mobility products movies

  • Vehicle One-Way Clutch

  • E-Bike One-Way Clutch

  • Zip Chain Actuator®

  • 4 mode Selectable Clutch

Global Network

Our mobility business has 19 sales/production sites worldwide and is supporting global mobility companies in real time. Through global optimized production, optimized procurement, and a global quality assurance organization, we provide quality, service and price at a global uniform level.

Mother Plant

Production Plant

Sales & Engineering Office

Locations in Japan

  • Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
  • Saitama Plant
  • Kyotanabe Plant
  • Hyogo Plant
  • Okayama Plant


  • Tsubakimoto Automotive Korea Co., Ltd.
    Changwon Plant
  • Tsubakimoto Automotive Korea Co., Ltd.
    Seoul Office
  • Tsubakimoto Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Tsubakimoto Chain (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan Tsubakimoto Co.
  • Tsubakimoto Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Tsubaki India Power Transmission Private Limited

North America

  • U.S. Tsubaki Automotive, LLC
    Chicopee Plant (MA)
  • U.S. Tsubaki Automotive, LLC
    Portland Plant (TN)
  • U.S. Tsubaki Automotive, LLC
    Detroit Office (MI)
  • Tsubakimoto Automotive Mexico S.A. de C.V.


  • Tsubakimoto UK Ltd.
  • Tsubaki Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o.
  • Tsubaki Deutschland GmbH
  • Tsubakimoto Europe B.V.

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Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.