Press Release

New Shuffle Conveyor Featuring an Innovative Drive System


Compact, quiet, and eco-friendly

Tsubakimoto Mayfran Inc. (President: Naoshige Sakai, Headquarters: Koka, Shiga Prefecture, a subsidiary of Tsubakimoto Chain Co.) has embarked on a demonstration tour of the premises of prospective customers to showcase the performance of its new Shuffle Conveyor. Introduced in April 2018, this new product incorporates an innovative drive system. After visiting more than 60 companies, we have developed new markets and obtained initial orders from the food and plastics industries for the first time.

シャッフルコンベヤ®   Potato chips
Potato chips
Shuffle Conveyor   Pellets

Since its establishment in 1973, Tsubakimoto Mayfran Inc. has operated as a global enterprise engaged in the production of metal chip conveyors, coolant processing systems, and conveyors of stamping scrap discharged from lathes, machining centers and other general-purpose machine tools.

In addition to these conventional target items, we have designed the Shuffle Conveyor to transport foodstuffs, grain, pellets and other such powdery and granular materials. The conveyor has been developed to convey materials by means of a continual reciprocating motion that causes the material to slide forward along the tray in a shuffling manner. It incorporates a DC brushless gear motor manufactured by Tsubakimoto Chain that contributes to the compact design while also reducing noise and vibration. At the same time, the increased energy efficiency of this motor helps to reduce operating costs.

As part of our promotional campaign, our sales team is touring prospective customers to provide demonstrations with a full-size unit. Prospective customers can observe the effectiveness of this new model in demonstration tests using the actual materials they typically need to transport. We are also obtaining information about materials that are difficult to transport with conventional equipment and will continue to develop new models to meet emerging needs.


Easy maintenance

The simple structure and reduced number of parts comprising this unit result in simplified maintenance and cleaning compared with conventional belt conveyors.

Smooth and efficient transport

Thanks to the lack of chains and belts, the mechanism that shuffles the tray produces a smooth transport motion that does not damage the conveyed material. We optimized the speed of the continual reciprocating motion and improved transport efficiency.

Low-vibration, low-noise operation

The conveyor is driven by a compact, quiet DC brushless gear motor manufactured by Tsubakimoto Chain. Compared to the motors typically used on conventional swing conveyors, this innovation contributes to low-vibration and low-noise operation. (77 dB for a conveyor with a 0.4 kW motor. *From in-house testing)

Energy efficiency

The power consumption of our innovative proprietary drive system has been reduced to a mere 0.4 kW. (equivalent to our competitors’ 1.5 kW rating)


Between-process conveyance of bulk (powdered and granular) materials such as food and foodstuffs, cullet, pellets, and die-cast components; as a feed conveyor for weighing machines



Motor (kW) 0.4
Tray widths (mm) 300, 500, 700, 900
Tray lengths (mm) 1,200, 2,400, 3,600, 4,800, 6,000, 8,400, 10,800 (7 lengths in all)
Tray materials Steel (also available in stainless steel and wear-resistant steel)
Transport speeds
(varies with transported item)
Stamping scrap, die-cast components, aluminum pipe: about 5 m/min,
Dry casting chips, foundry sand, silica sand: about 2 m/min, dry cutting chips: about 2 m/min

Lead time

Made to order

Sales price

Quoted at time of order

Sales forecast

FY2020: 300 million yen

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