Press Release

Picking and Transfer Technology Designed for a −80°C Environment.  
Introducing the LaboStocker®80 mini, a Compact Module Offering Automated Sample Storage at −80°C

March 31, 2022

1. Introduction

On April 1, 2022, Tsubakimoto Chain Co. (Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Kenji Kose) introduces the LaboStocker 80 mini, a compact automated storage system designed to store reagents and biological samples, such as DNA, at a temperature of −80℃.

The LaboStocker 80 mini, a compact automated biological sample management system

We launched The LaboStocker Series in 2002 to provide low-temperature, reliable, and long-term storage systems for reagents and biological samples, such as cells, blood, and DNA. Designed to support the development of vaccines and therapeutic drugs, the LaboStocker picks and transports samples quickly and accurately when they are required.

Over the past two decades, we have developed a wide range of cryostorage systems for protecting sample integrity. The LaboStocker Series has been adopted by many research institutes, universities, and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and abroad.

Our latest model, the LaboStocker 80 mini, is a compact module that provides automated sample storage in a −80℃ environment. We developed this product in response to our customers' requirements for automated low-temperature storage of samples in a small footprint suitable for laboratories and similar workplaces with limited space.

To maintain sample quality, the LaboStocker 80 mini comes with temperature control technology, robotic transfer and picking technology, and a robotic system that quickly loads and unloads the samples. In addition, this system minimizes human error, increases efficiency, and improves the work environment.

2. Features

1. Maintains sample quality by eliminating exposure to room temperatures and minimizing internal frost buildup

• The picking operation at −80℃ enables a tube to be loaded and unloaded without being exposed to room temperatures, reducing damage to the samples caused by freeze-thaw cycles.
• To prevent frost from building up inside the cabinet, the device suppresses moisture inflow from the outside air. In addition, all the tubes go through a dehumidification process prior to loading/unloading.

2. Compatible with a variety of tube types

• Accommodates various types of tubes. (Example: SBS standard 96-well microplate 1.3 ml/1.0 ml/0.55 ml, etc.)

3. Space-saving design

• The module with a small footprint requires only 2.26 square meters (2.1 × 1.08 m). This module can be easily installed and relocated, thanks to its integrated configuration.

4. Sample journey tracked with barcodes

5. Safe and easy operation

• By eliminating the need to work in a −80℃ environment, this device reduces the risk of frostbite to operators in the loading/unloading process.
• The touch panel allows for easy operation while password authentication enhances security.

Touch panel display
Touch panel display (English available)

3. Specifications

Dimension W: 2,100 x D: 1,080 x H: 1,940 (mm)
Storage capacity Approx. 12,000 tubes (1.0-ml tubes in 96-well microplates)
Weight Approx. 1,000 kg (main unit only)
Power supply 200 VAC

4. Applications

Low-temperature storage and automatic loading and unloading of reagents and biological samples (blood and DNA) at drug discovery research institutes, universities, and other research institutes.

5. Price and lead time

Quoted at time of requests

6. Sales plan

10 modules in FY2022, 50 modules in FY2025

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