Communications with Stakeholders

Basic Concept

In its Basic Policy on Sustainability, the Tsubaki Group has declared its commitment to fulfilling its duties to all stakeholders, while also enhancing communication with them through various opportunities. Building relationships of trust with stakeholders is an essential part of our contribution to building a sustainable society, and taking into consideration the global environment and international society. We are strengthening our initiatives for creating new value and building strong partnerships through active two-way communication with stakeholders.

Communications with Each Stakeholders

Relationships with Stakeholders Specific Initiatives
Customers We are striving to build relationships of trust with our customers, while also contributing to solving social issues and the issues facing customers by providing high-quality products and services that customers can use with satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • • Daily communication through the Sales Division
  • • Providing products, services, and solutions that solve the issues facing customers
  • • Providing information using websites, catalogs, exhibitions, and seminars etc.
  • • Participation in joint research and development, etc.
Shareholders & Investors We are striving to maintain and improve the trust and confidence of the market, while also fulfilling the duty of explanation to shareholders through timely and relevant information disclosure on management policies, business strategies, and business performance trends, etc. We are also working to increase corporate value and shape appropriate stock prices through dialogue and promoting a proper understanding of our company.
  • • Information disclosure and communication through the General Meeting of Shareholders
  • • Providing information through the Integrated Report, websites, etc.
  • • Holding results briefings, plant visits, individual meetings, and other events for institutional investors and securities analysts
Business Partners
We are working with our business partners (suppliers) on procurement activities, so that we can perform high-quality manufacturing and help create a sustainable society. In addition to ensuring that business dealings are fair and equitable, we are also asking our business partners to make efforts toward sustainable procurement, and we are working with them to achieve this.
  • • Promoting fair and equitable procurement activities
  • • Holding company policy and procurement policy briefings
  • • Promoting sustainable procurement in accordance with the Tsubaki Group’s Supplier Sustainability Guidelines
  • • Cooperating through the promotion of development and procurement
Employees We emphasize the health and diversity of our employees, and we are working to create a workplace environment and to educate and train personnel to help each employee to realize their full potential.
  • • Encouraging daily communication in the workplace
  • • Creating opportunities for employees and management to talk via briefings on policies and business conditions, corporate communications, etc.
  • • Promoting regular communication with labor unions
  • • Providing various opportunities for level-specific and job-specific training and education, etc.
  • • Promoting diversity and various work styles
  • • Providing a comfortable workplace environment by carrying out employee awareness surveys and promoting health management
Community We are actively encouraging exchanges and cooperation with the local communities where our business bases are located, and aiming for the mutual development of our business and the local communities. This is also one of the social contribution activities that make use of the Tsubaki Group’s resources.
  • • Participating in and cosponsoring community events
  • • Implementing social contribution activities in communities
  • • Carrying out eco-conscious business operations
  • • Cooperating with municipal governments during disasters 

Multi-stakeholder Policy

We have formulated a multi-stakeholder policy* to build relationships of trust with and give appropriate profit-based returns to the various stakeholders we have, including employees and business partners, etc.

Multi-stakeholder Policy *Japanese Version (00 Bytes)


Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

The Group views building long-term relationships of trust with its shareholders and investors as one of the highest priorities of management. Our investor relations (IR) activities are a way of providing timely and appropriate corporate information that is required to make investment decisions, and also a way to further deepen relationships of trust through constructive dialogue and to improve corporate value.

Plant tour for investor

Employee Engagement

Supply Chain Management (Business Partners)

Coexisting with Local Communities

Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.