Company Info

Our mission is to provide the best value to our global customers of power transmission and materials handling equipment, two businesses which we are developing aggressively.

Our Procurement Group depends on suppliers both inside and outside Japan to provide a wide variety of materials to support our operations. The following is our Basic Procurement Policy.

1. Fair and Equitable Dealings
We provide open, fair, and equitable opportunities to suppliers inside and outside Japan wishing to conduct business with us. In selecting suppliers, we will take into consideration quality, cost, delivery schedules, the ability of the supplier to provide a stable supply, technological strength and know-how, the financial position of the supplier, and other factors.
2. Developing Relationships of Mutual Trust
We respect free competition, and aim to deepen our relationships of trust with all suppliers through fair business transactions.
3. Promotion of Developmental Procurement
We promote developmental procurement in order to cooperate with our suppliers in reducing costs as much as possible. We welcome and evaluate new proposals from suppliers who wish to provide their extensive and specialized knowledge and know-how, new technologies and products.
4. Legal Compliance (safeguarding of confidential information)
We comply will all laws and regulations related to procurement in both letter and spirit. We do not disclose any sales or technical information we receive in the course of our procurement activities with suppliers to third parties without the consent of the supplier.
5. Prioritizing the Environment (Green Procurement)
We understand that the conservation of the Earth's environment is one of the highest priorities for humankind. It is our basic policy to procure environmentally friendly materials.