Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

Basic Concept

The Tsubaki Group’s health promotion initiatives are grounded in the recognition that people are the foundation of management. In accordance with the Basic Health and Safety Policy, we have been developing health promotion initiatives that prioritize the health and safety of employees. In August 2022, we adopted our Health Declaration and Basic Health Promotion Policy, in order to underpin our efforts as a result of changes in the internal and external environments. With the goal of offering our employees the opportunity to play active roles and demonstrate their independence and creativity (all employees enjoy working), we are promoting health management that includes employees’ families. We approach this topic from two perspectives: healthy individuals and a healthful organization.

Tsubaki Group Health Declaration

The Tsubaki Group’s social mission is to drive the evolution of “the art of moving” and exceed the expectations of society. We believe that the most effective approach for achieving this is to build a foundation for the good mental and physical health of employees and to develop a workplace full of vitality.
Building on our commitment to demonstrating our respect for people as embodied in our founding spirit, we are encouraging everyone in our company — our health insurance society, labor union, and employees and their families — to collaborate in this health promotion effort. We want all our employees to play active roles and fully demonstrate both independence and creativity.

Tsubakimoto Chain Co.
Takatoshi Kimura, President and Representative Director

Basic Health Promotion Policy

We are implementing initiatives to promote the health of our employees as well as that of their families by adopting the following terms of our policy.

  • We will promote health from two perspectives: supporting the health of individuals and building a healthful organization.
  • We will promote the health of individuals by focusing on both their physical and mental health.
  • We will promote a healthful organization through workplace improvement initiatives while encouraging communication through a company-wide focus on workplace activities.
  • We will strengthen illness prevention measures and follow-up measures.
  • We will develop a health management system while striving for continuous improvement.

Health Promotion System (Healthy Individuals)

Note: The promotion of a healthful organization will be focused on reviewing personnel measures, strengthening workplace management with an emphasis on communication, and enhancing collaboration between labor and management.

Principal Initiatives

(1) Healthy Individuals

In the Healthy Individuals initiative, we support employees in properly understanding their own health condition, getting appropriate treatment and regular health checkups, and making improvements to their lifestyle habits for their health going forward.
In FY 2022, based on the theme of “becoming more health conscious,” we carried out lifestyle habits self-checks for all our employees, and rolled out a range of initiatives including health management education for managers and supervisors. In FY 2023, we will implement initiatives based on the theme of “preventing the onset of health- and lifestyle-related diseases.”

Thorough Follow-up after Regular Health Checkups

In addition to implementing regular health checkups and special health examinations, we are also improving screenings for cancer. For employees who work long hours, we are implementing health checks in collaboration with industrial physicians, health management staff, and managers. We are also strengthening activities for early detection and disease prevention, including a thorough follow-up after regular health checkups.

Mental Health Care

To bolster our mental health care initiatives, we are introducing self-care and supervisor-led care education, conducting stress assessments for all employees, and establishing consultation desks manned by internal industrial counselors.

Measures for Stopping Smoking

In April 2023, we initiated outpatient support for smoking cessation through the health insurance society as part of our commitment to help employees quit smoking. Additionally, we are intensifying our smoking cessation efforts by organizing awareness campaigns during regular factory health checkups and conducting surveys related to smoking and quitting.

Other Initiatives

We are providing a massage service by health care workers at the Health Consultation Office, as a way of promoting the health of employees by helping them to recover from exhaustion and alleviate stress. (The people in charge of providing the massages are health care workers are who are a part of efforts to expand the range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.)
A nutritionally-balanced diet is essential for good health. We are supporting the health of employees by preparing healthy menus at each office and workplace. For example, at the Kyotanabe Plant Cafeteria, we are collaborating with food service providers to offer employees a healthy menu of meals that are 500 kcal or less and with a salt content of 3 g or less. The Kyotanabe Plant has acquired the Smart Meal Certification for having a cafeteria that provides healthy meals (smart meals) and a healthy dietary environment.

Mental health training
Healthy menus at factory cafeterias

(2) Healthful Organization

To promote a healthful organization, we are rolling out activities for labor and management to reduce long working hours and encourage the use of paid leave, so that employees can be active in their workplace with peace of mind and good health. Additionally, to improve communication in the organization, we have made it mandatory to hold one-on-one talks between superiors and subordinates every six months. We also hold career consultations for young workers and middle-level employees, as well as training for superiors to enhance their communication skills.

Toward a Sustainable Society

The Tsubaki Group is engaged in the “art of moving” and aims to provide value that exceeds expectations
to become a company that continues to be needed by society.